Graphic Novel School-Week 1

I’m currently enrolled in a course that will give me a certificate in comic book writing. I’m very excited to be a part of the learning process. Each week we produce the next element in the comic process and by the end of 6 weeks I will have a fully completed mini-comic!

This will be a reasonable way for me to complete the process with the help of students and teachers as a guide to make the story stronger. As I go through the course I wanted to share my experience and show everyone the process of creating my first mini-comic.

This week was a focus on the basic story. We had to write a short description (2 paragraphs) of the comic idea to make sure the story could fit into a 4 page, 16 panel layout. This was surprisingly a struggle for me. I had no idea how epic my stories were and fitting them into 4 pages was not an easy task. How do I fit in character development and a goal? How many characters can the story carry without getting overwhelming? Can I still have the basic beginning, middle, and end?

I had to get to the point of the story quickly in the beginning to produce a satisfying ending in a short amount of time. The readers connecting to the characters have to be almost instant and there is no room for subplot and additional characters. Boundaries and limits suddenly became my worst nightmare!

After finally completing the assignment I realized that it actually made my writing stronger. In one week I’m already seeing improvements. The need to explain within the story has disappeared to getting to the point. I started reading one of the more popular books and noticed this is what made the story work. Readers don’t want to read explanations, they want to get to the meat of the story. Already this class is impacting the way I work. I cannot wait to see where it takes me by the end of the six weeks.

I would love to hear some of your thoughts! In the comments below let me know what you think about getting to the point quickly and some of the story ideas you can come up with.

Here is my comic book idea: 

A boy is trying to catch the attention of a girl with wings. But his attempts don’t bring him any closer to getting noticed. He finally ends up working on a project that seems to take a lot of time (And supplies) and seems excited the next day he shows up wearing wings just like her and she finally sees him.

The first page will be noticing her and showing interest. The second page will be the failed attempt to getting the girl. The third page will show the boy working hard on a new project. The last page will be him showing up with wings and the girl smiling at him with a heart. They walk off on the last panel hand in hand. 

I would also like to see some of your ideas for a short comic! If your up to sharing your story please leave a comment with your storyline and let us know how it would fit into a 4 page comic.

Also, let me know what you think of my story idea. Is there a clear beginning, middle and end? Can the story fit within the 16 panels?


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