Graphic Novel School-Week 2

I’m a little late posting what I learned at graphic novel school this week. I’ve been down all week-end, Curse you flu season! *shakes fist to sky

This week was on script writing. Script writing is very important when laying out the foundation of the story. At this phase it is much easier to rearrange the words in the script than redraw the entire comic.

Script writing in comic books is a bit complicated, mostly because there isn’t really a standard in the comic book script. Some write out like a movie script, others write in within panel designs. Honestly, as long as the artist of the comic book understands what the writer is trying to get across any type of script is usually acceptable.

There are a few places that offer “standard” comic book script layouts. Most of them will look like a movie/tv script with panel descriptions instead of scenes or shots. For me I have found this to be the easiest when putting my thoughts onto paper.

Scripts can be as detailed or as artistically lenient as possible. Again, some writers have a very specific vision and the smallest details mean the word, others are more open to the illustrators discretion. Some illustrators are more comfortable with direction and others find it too limiting. In both cases make sure the writer and artist are comfortable with the direction and hopefully both are open to discussion with the final project.

I would love to see some of your scripts or hear your comments on your experience with comic book scripts! Please comment below or email at!

I have shown my script below for this week, I hope you enjoy:

Wings of Love-Script

Wings of Love-Script 02




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