Graphic Novel School-Week 03

The focus this week on graphic novel school is thumbnails. 

As an illustrator I find thumbnails both frustrating but so necessary in the comic book process. Thumbnails are not the final product and should not even be close to full size. This is terrible, as an illustrator, for me to look at and not finish the final product. I hate looking at basic lines and hope others can see where the final product is going. 

This is one of those stages that no artist really wants to do but it’s very important in saving time later in the process. Thumbnails are the rough layout of the comic, finally being able to draw but not the full images. 

Thumbnails are confusing for many artists, especially in trying to decide what details to add and what can be left out when putting together the flow of the comic. Thumbnails allow us to start seeing the artwork but because the drawings are small and simple it makes the images much easier to change than if we jumped right into the full illustrations. 

Thumbnails are especially important if you are working in a team or getting feedback before you begin the final project. Thumbnails are easy to fix, finding an error here is much easier to change then a mistake on the full illustration. 

This week look for thumbnail examples and 1st rough drafts to get an idea of what other artist do in stages of creating the final project. 

Here is a great YouTube video on creating the rough sketches:  How to Make Rough Layouts for Comics/Manga

Below is my Thumbnail illustrations for the comic book I’m working on: Wings of Love

In the comments below, let me know your thoughts on my thumbnails, any links or images you would like me to check out as thumbnails, and your thoughts on the thumbnail process! I can’t wait to hear from you…



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