Free EBooks and Graphic Novels

I have been asked a few times on where to find free eBooks and comics. I’m quite the book/comic collector myself and free books are a great way for me to discover new authors and writers.
My personal favorite for graphic novels is Comixology. They also have really good daily deals on awesome comics so please check them out.

The best place I have found to find free paranormal books online is at Bookbub. You can sign up for their daily email and they will send you book deals every day including free books. This one is nice because you can choose the genre of books you like to read and they will include only those in the email sent on daily deals.

Booktastik and Reading Deals also has a good list of free books.
Amazon in the free Kindle book section. Make sure you are in the FREE section of Kindle Best Sellers before purchasing any books. They have a great section for free graphic novels, comics, and manga.

Also, iBooks from Apple has a great free section in their app for the computer, iPhone and iPad. Here’s a great article on how to find the free books in iBooks: MacWorld

There is also Nook and Kobo as eReaders but I’m not sure about their free sections if you want to explore those readers as well.
Dark Horse, Marvel, and DC also have websites but I’m not as familiar with their websites or apps. I find that Comixology is the easiest for me to use and keep all my comics together into one place.

I would also check on your favorite authors, illustrators, and publishers websites. Not only do they offer free books in hopes you will find new great reads but many of them also have really great giveaways.

I hope this helped! And keep reading!


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